Our Services

The wide range of services offered by us is acknowledged for the unique features such as quality and safety of our clients . We have all possible range of security services according to the needs of the clients to provide optimum level of satisfaction. Safety of our clients is our first priority. We provide the security services in two major forms first is by manpower supply i.e Security Guards (Armed and Unarmed),Bouncer, P.S.O etc.and second is with security equipments such as CCTV,FIRE EXTINGUISHER, DOOR ALARMS, BIOMETRIC DEVICES etc.


Personal Security Officers are provided for the protection of one person who will be escorted by them all the time according to the need. At the time when clients are out of their house or are going to attend any function PSO will follow him like his shadow, without disturbing his personal or professional interests and relationship. Crowd control, extreme protection for the client as well as his family is all included in the PSO service.


The bouncers are mostly having the responsibilities to protect the events, summit, or meetings that happen at the resorts, night clubs, or any other venues, mostly outdoor locations. Bouncers from MCSS Security are all well built, uniformed, and trained to handle the crowds and the party behavior during late nights. The bouncers will be provided with modern gadgets according to need of responsibilities they are handling.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

We have a good and efficient team of guards(Armed and Unarmed) which can satisfy your all type of needs at different circumstances. They very well now about the responsibilities towards there work, they perform all possible things to fulfil there said responsibilities.

We as security company also provide our security services at various events , parties, big gatherings, marriages etc at very effective rates.



We are having all types of security cameras such as dome,bullet ,hd etc. according to the need of the clients. Which provide the esteem satisfaction to clients safety prospects.

Fire extinguisher

We are having a very wide range of fire extinguishers to meet the clients any type of need at the time of fire tragedy.

Remote operated gate/barriers

We provide the services anywhere such as houses, shopping mall, business parks, hospitals, offices, IT parks, Amuzement parks etc.

Door Alarms

This electronic device helps you knowing who is at your door without opening of the door which helps you to be safe at your premises.

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